4 Questions About the Moon We Were Afraid To Ask Until Now

4 Questions About the Moon We Were Afraid To Ask Until Now Public


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Okay, guys, did you know that the Moon was once shaped like a donut? Yup! It’s mostly made of magma, launched into orbit from the surface of the Earth. It’s moving further away from us with every passing year. Actually, the moon is still cooling down from its explosive birth.

And recently, new Moon research has shown that it’s constantly shrinking and shaking from huge quakes! What could that mean for our natural satellite and for us? What will happen if the Moon continues to shrink? Will it shrink to the size of a baseball or just, you know, explode? So, it’s time to delve into some insane theories and “what ifs” about the Moon.

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A brief history of the Moon
What if the Moon doesn’t stop shaking?
What if the Moon keeps moving away from the Earth?
What if the Moon slows down the Earth?
What if a giant asteroid hit the Moon?

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- The history of the Moon started 4.5 billion years ago. At that time, the Earth was still a young planet covered with red-hot magma oceans. At some point, a huge Mars-sized object crashed into it. All this power launched the liquid magma into space.
- As time went by, this proto-Moon started to form into the sphere we all know.
- What about the shaking? It actually comes from the same process. You see, as the hot core of the Moon has cooled down in the last hundred million years. It’s still moving and pushing onto itself, forming cracks called scarps.
- The most remarkable thing about this study is that it’s based on data collected from seismometers, placed on the surface of the Moon by Apollo astronauts!
- Every year the Moon is getting about an inch and a half further from the Earth. Doesn’t sound like much, but consider this: At the time of its birth, the Moon was only 14,000 miles away from the Earth and now it’s around 250,000 miles away!
- If the Moon gets far enough away, its crucial influence on our world will become less and less powerful. For example, tides won’t be as prominent as they were before, and that’ll lead to mass extinction.
- Believe it or not, when the Moon was forming, the Earth was spinning so fast that it took only 4 hours for it to go full circle.
- If you’ve ever asked for a 25th hour in the day, you’ll eventually get it in the next quarter of a billion years.
- Have you ever noticed how the surface of the Moon is covered in craters? These are the imprints of countless impacts from meteoroids and asteroids.
- The Moon is much more vulnerable. Almost everything that takes aim at it will hit it and do a lot of damage.
- To actually do significant damage to the Moon, like, to move it from orbit, it would take an object relatively close in size to the Moon itself. And that’s not happening any time soon.

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